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PRODUCER CENTER "INTERTALANT" and the Center of aesthetic development of "Intertalant" are created and work at official body of culture club "Phoenix" since 2005 Since March, 2009 the branch on a Rublevke in a recreation centre "Rublevo" works
We always search for new talented people. Models, singers and singers, actresses and actors, dancers and many other things. If you are young, talented or simply beautiful, we wait for you!


  1. Main objectives and problems:
    1 Moral and aesthetic education of children and youth, revealing and support, and also advancement, young talented executors and collectives.
    2. Expansion of creative contacts and a communication of experience of chiefs of collectives, the master - classes of leading teachers of Russia and abroad.
    3. Friendly coexistence of the various countries and the people, and submission of their cultural traditions, creative achievements.
    4. Creation of a database of collectives and soloists for interested persons.
    5. Attraction of State structures and the commercial organisations to sharing in cultural and creative international projects.
    6. Revival of traditions of the Russian patronage of arts.
  2. the Producer and the director of the International competition-festival: Veselov Alexey Nikolaevich.
  3. the competition Jury is formed of experts of creative directions of culture, representatives of the international judicial organisations and the invited stars of sports, cinema, TV and show business.
  4. Genres and nominations:
    the Choreography:
    National, modern, sports, classical, variety, ball, a jazz modernist style, hip-hop, a break, club, a step, a tap dance, etc.
    the Vocal:
    National, classical, variety, fate, choral art.
    Theatrical collectives:
    Musical performance, a musical, show, an opera, an operetta +
    the Circus art:
    Classical circus, vanguard, musical the clown, clownery, a pantomime +
    Modelling art:
    Agencies, studios, theatres of fashions, schools of models, show - fashions +
    A Mazhoretki. A perfomery Tvirling.
    1) a mazhoretki with percussion instruments
    2) a mazhoretki with pompons
    3) a mazhoretki with flags and banners
    4) a tvirling of a perfomery with long loafs
    A CHerliding (A CHer, A Dans CHer)
    Tool music:
    Solo, duets, a trio, quartets, small forms, ensembles, groups, collectives, orchestras +
    Art gymnastics, acrobatics, single combats, a parkur (novelty), any sports-scenic shows +
    Age categories:
    5 - 12 years (Nursery)
    12 - 15 years (Youthful)
    15 - 25 years (Youth)
    25 - 40 years (Adult)
  5. Sharing conditions:
    1. The questionnaire, photos (1 - 4 photos)
    2. The competitive instalment: Sharing in the program under invitation cards or money resources.
    One soloist - 3000 rub (5 tickets х 600 rub).
    Duets 2 х 3000 rub = 6000 rub (10 tickets on 600 rub)
    the Trio 3 х 2000руб = 6000 rub (10 tickets on 600 rub)
    Quartets 4 х 1500 rub = 6000руб (10 tickets on 600 rub)
    Collectives from 5 participants and more - 600руб on everyone (1 ticket on 600 rub х quantity of participants)
    3. The competitive program should consist of two products-compositions no more than 5 minutes everyone (for a vocal a soundtrack "minus"); soloists-vocalists have the right to use a bek-vocal in record or "alive"; the group has not the right to use a bek-vocal in record; for theatres of fashions, scenic single combats and variety miniatures - one composition no more than 10 minutes. Organizers of competition have the right to give up contestant in demand reception.
  6. a realisation Place:
    Moscow. The address on nominations specify in organising committee.
  7. realisation Terms:
    All school vacation. In the summer - 26-28.06.09.
  8. Nominations and awards.
    a) competition Grand prix
    b) Diplomas of the first, second and third degree
    c) All collectives and soloists (excepting prize-winners) receive the diploma of the participant of competition
    d) a number of special prizes Is founded
  9. Competition passes:
    the First round
    the Second round (semi-final)
    the Third round (ending)
    Gala-show of winners
  10. the competition-festival Status:
    Opened for all countries and the people.
  11. Auxiliary conditions:
    the Participant should be ready to an exit on a scene for three numbers before the performance, in case of unavailability to performance the chief should inform on it to the manager of a scene for two numbers before performance. The soundtrack and the light scenario should be at corresponding services prior to the beginning of branch. In case of default of these conditions the participant can be removed from competition.
    the removal Reasons contestants: sharing not in the age category (not less than 80 % of participants in the declared nomination should correspond to the declared age category), bad sounding of a soundtrack, a soundtrack "plus" or a considerable quantity of bek-vocalists (for a vocal), incorrect behaviour of participants of collective or the soloist, their chiefs (action stirring either offending other participants or competition-festival administration), an exit on a scene not according to the schedule of performances. Chiefs of participants are obliged to support constant contact to organizers of competition-festival for reception of the necessary information and recommendations about passage of competitive actions.
    Софиевская борщаговка киев, квартиры на сайте http://sofyevka.kiev.ua. http://www.gmslots-zerkalo.ru/ Профессиональное изготовление рекламы.

    In the office accommodations adjoining to a scene, are supposed only contestants and chiefs of collectives, but not earlier than before two numbers to an exit on a scene. The input and an exit from auditorium during numbers, and also loud conversations in a hall are forbidden.
    At damage by participants of competition of property of a place of realisation of competition, participants can be removed from competition, and the damage is reimbursed by chiefs of collectives.
    Competition-festival in each nomination is considered taken place with the assistance of not less than five contestants. At smaller quantity of participants of jury has the right to unite age categories. The jury has the right not to award separate places and Grand prix under the decision. The jury has the right to evaluate the participant in other nomination.
    Organizers of competition-festival have the right to remove judges and contestants, convicted of arrangement.
    In emergencies or a disputable situation the Organizing committee has the right to interfere and make changes to the given Position and competition-festival realisation.
    Winners have the right to trips abroad within the limits of competition (Grand prix from organizers)

The producer of the International Competition-festival «INTERTALANT» Veselov Alexey Nikolaevich.

The DEMAND-QUESTIONNAIRE for sharing in the International competition - festival "Intertalant"

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