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Ballet school "Nutcracker"

The creative characteristic of a ballet school "Nutcracker"

The Collective is created in 2001. In official body of culture "Phoenix" (director E.I.Sejtarova) the teacher-choreographer Darya Aleksandrovnoj Shashinoj . The collective has begun the work as the studio of classical dance working under the program of professional schools.

Main principle of work of studio - reception of all interested persons, irrespective of age, physical data and preparation presence. Since first year of work of studio obligatory statement of concert numbers and public statements as in the area and administrative district, and on other scenic platforms in Russia and abroad (photos are applied) became its distinctive line. Also the studio regularly participates in creative festivals, competitions and the Olympic Games where time and again became the winner and occupied prize-winning places. So, the studio is the owner of cups of festivals: fivefold - the dancing Northwest, double - Our solar world, "Shower of gold", Fair of ideas, the international dancing forum Travel round light and many other things (diplomas and photographic materials are applied).

In a track record of collective of performance on the most prestigious platforms of Moscow: the state central concert hall "Russia", a concert hall of "Patterns", a concert hall "Academic", the Kremlin in a Izmajlovo, the central and symphonic platform of park "", the house of artists on Kuznetsk to the bridge and Crimean to a shaft, Moscow State University theatre, a garden "Hermitage", the International House of Music and others.

The Studio annually participates in festival Youth for culture of the world and acts in gala concerts of winners in the state central concert hall "Russia", a palace of sports "Luzniki", a palace of sports Sokolniki.

In 2004 the Union of the youth organisations of Russia Sevastopol (Ukraine) where the collective represented Russia has awarded a ballet school "Nutcracker" with a trip on the international youth forum in, participating together with youth of England, France, Italy, Turkey and other countries.

In 2006 the collective of a ballet school "Nutcracker" has won UNESCO festival-competition Youth on a way to culture of the world and the consent and has been awarded by tour as a part of the international children's mission of young Muscovites on the countries of Europe: Belarus - Poland - Germany - Holland-BELGIJA-francium. Concerts of a ballet school "Nutcracker" and studios "Models-shows" (also official body of culture "Phoenix") have passed in NATO headquarters in Bruxelles, in Russian cultural centre in Paris and have come to the end with a celebratory concert on May, 9th in a hero town Brest.

In 2007 the collective of a ballet school "Nutcracker" represented northwest administrative district of of Moscow as a part of the Russian delegation to of Grodno (republic Belarus). The leader of gala concert in of Grodno the deserved actress of Russia Galina Preobrazhenskaja has invited collective to participate in actions, organise the Moscow House of the Romance. The ballet school the Nutcracker constantly acts in concerts with stars of an opera and known musicians.

The studio Collective regularly participates in charitable concerts and actions: in children's home "Pleasant", in club "". In 2007 for participation in a charitable concert the studio was invited by the governor of the Yaroslavl area. The concert together with known composer Grigory Gladkov has taken place in November, 2007 at the Yaroslavl theatre of the young spectator.

In May 2008 the studio participated in the World Dancing Olympic Games with solo numbers. The soloist of studio 11-year-old Diana Klesunova became the prize-winner of the European championship on ballet and the world champion on Gipsy dance.

At collective two collectives-companions work: planet Rhythms (national-characteristic dance) and ensemble of "Russian" (a mazhoretki, drummers, long loafs, banners, flags) which also accept active participation in regional and city actions, competitions and festivals. The preparatory group of aesthetic gymnastics for preparation for the basic employment of children of younger age and fuller development of plastic possibilities of pupils of the senior age categories is besides, created.

the Programno-methodical material developed in a ballet school "Nutcracker"

The Basis for the training program in collective is the technique of teaching of classical dance in the Moscow state academy of a choreography. D.A.Shashina - the teacher having professional choreographic preparation and active scenic practice - adapted the training program to classical dance for amateur collective in which pupils without special selection are accepted. However thus engaged in studio get full choreographic education under the program of professional educational institutions.

Now in studio are taught:
Classical dance;
national-characteristic dance;
Ballet gymnastics.

Master classes in other directions (are regularly spent at statement of numbers): a jazz modernist style, king-tat, the Irish dance etc.).

Now to employment studios are spent on 1, 3 and 5 years of training in professional choreographic schools.

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